Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall—Do I Look Like My Dog?

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall—Do I Look Like My Dog?

Have you ever passed someone walking their dog and realized they looked like a dog? If the scene of a park in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians didn’t convince you, it’s more common than you think. instead HuffPost backed up by psychology – humans consider their friends similar to themselves, which also applies to picking … Read more

Adoptable In | The Bark

Adoptable In | The Bark

Dog name and age: In, 7 years In will you rooting for the underdog! Dina is an amazing dog that you have to meet in person to understand how wonderful and special she is. His best feature is his nubbin tail that always wags and shakes his whole bum with it! He is wiggly, jiggly, … Read more

Meet Kona | The Bark

Meet Kona |  The Bark

Dog name and age: Kona, 2 years Nicknames: Puppa and Fluffernutter Kona loves to go out and meet people in the community. Ask him to pose for pictures and he is in his element! He loves to train (play for him) and work on new tricks. He also likes to find big branches and spend … Read more

Meet smiling Dog Popeye | The Bark

Meet smiling Dog Popeye |  The Bark

Dog Name: Popeye Age of Dog: 12 Adoption Story:Every Sunday, the rescue comes out for an adoption event. Every week, Popeye is the last dog. He was sometimes left under the table because he was “bossy” and barked at everything that passed. But this quirk caught my eye and I knew I had to spend … Read more

Bonds of Love | The Bark

Bonds of Love |  The Bark

One can never underestimate the bond of love and connection between humans and their animal companions, especially when they become allegedly separated. Such was the case when I put the German Shepherd, Sasha & Bear, out at the fence game and forgot to lock the button on the gate. An hour from then, I noticed … Read more

Film ‘Finch’ Explores How Dogs Help Define Humanity

Film ‘Finch’ Explores How Dogs Help Define Humanity

Warning: The following article contains spoilers about the movie ‘Finch’ The film Finchreleased in November on Apple TV +, stars Tom Hanks and a former rescue dog named Seamus. Critic Tomris Laffly, writing for Variousdescribe it as “big-hearted… post-apocalyptic saga. ” Hanks plays the titular Finch, surviving a world with a failed ozone layer. Expect … Read more

Avalanche | The Bark

Avalanche |  The Bark

I wonder, whether I will die due to dehydration or hypothermia? Then a thought occurred to me: I was buried in an avalanche, high in the Alps. So, it won’t be dehydrated. I only need to stick the tongue to access an unlimited amount of snow hydration. It will be cool that will bring me. … Read more

Meet Finnegan | The Bark

Meet Finnegan |  The Bark

Dog name and age: Finnegan, 2 years Nicknames: Finn, Finny, Boo, Boo Boo Adoption Story: Finn began his homeless life on the streets of Mexico. When he was rescued by Compassion Without Borders, he was found skinny, anemic, with almost no hair and scabies. They treated him back to health. When we saw him, we … Read more

Feed Hungry Pets | The Bark

Feed Hungry Pets |  The Bark

In the fall of 2020, COVID-19 strengthened its grip with almost everyone feeling the impact. When I peek in my car at a red light, with two loyal rescue dogs, Henry and Rosita, I look to my right and see a usually long line of cars that surround the local food pantry. I don’t ever … Read more