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Dog name and age: In, 7 years

In will you rooting for the underdog!

Dina is an amazing dog that you have to meet in person to understand how wonderful and special she is. His best feature is his nubbin tail that always wags and shakes his whole bum with it! He is wiggly, jiggly, happy, and a true joy! Talk about an instant mood-booster, when you are with Dina, it is actually possible to be upset about anything. Their positive vibe is contagious and you’ll be giggling in minutes. He is perfect!!

Dina’s adoption fee has been generously covered by The Farmer’s Dog!


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Here’s what her parents had to say:

Dina is a beautiful, sweet and loyal girl who just wants to be by your side to give you a lot of love and attention. He is very smart (hello, Cow Dog!) and he was able to learn to walk around our house and yard within a day of joining us.

In love to play tug of war and fetch (he listens for the playground!) And he really enjoys a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. He is completely house trained and will let you know if he needs to go outside. In very friendly with all people and will make a perfect addition to the lucky family!

He is available for adoption Muttville.

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