Bark Like This: Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit

Bark Like This: Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit

It seems scary, but you really can Cut your dog’s nails at home– and Dremel wireless facilitate. For dogs with light colored nails, cutting nails with a standard clipper is a relatively straightforward process (although sometimes worrying). But it is a different ball game for dogs with dark colored nails because it can be challenging for true. With a mild Dremel, you don’t have to worry about accidental trims because your dog is grabbing a pawna.

You will be very surprised how easily and how well your dog adapts to it, even a senior dog such as me. The latest in the Dremel range is the Dremel 7350-PET which is 7% quieter than the previous model. You can hardly say that it sounds, and at least two dogs (13yrs and 8yrs) that I tested were not affected by the little sound that was produced.

Dremel provides simple but point-on instructions on how to help your dog get comfortable with the process. Make a slow introduction (with many delicious treats) before actually trying to cut any nails — fast at your dog’s pace. Once you go through the initial introduction, Dremel makes it easy to take care of your puppy’s nail pieces.

Includes a 4 Volt Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged. Available on Amazon and

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