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In the fall of 2020, COVID-19 strengthened its grip with almost everyone feeling the impact. When I peek in my car at a red light, with two loyal rescue dogs, Henry and Rosita, I look to my right and see a usually long line of cars that surround the local food pantry. I don’t ever see many cars waiting to feed, which makes me wonder-if people are struggling to feed themselves and their families, how can they provide food for pets at this challenging time?

A Non-Profit Born

Three days later, Kobe Henro born, pet food banks provide cat and dog food to hungry pets in need. The concept is quite simple to deliver pet food that is donated from point A (donations from pet stores and pet food factories) to point B (local food pantry). It took just a few months to establish a strong and steady flow of donations for Goah’s partners. Once our supply began to exceed our demand, we expanded our reach to offer food assistance to southern pet transports. With rescue couple relationships secured, when Southern animal rescue transport drives north to the Boston area to drop off adoptable pets, people fill their vans with donated pet food to help feed the hundreds of hungry pets they care to return home.

Our plan seems to work and since launching in October 2020, we have sent more than 22,000 pounds of food donations, toys, collars, and necklaces to pets in need. We are growing at a constant rate with plans to expand to the entire country.

Behind the Name

I have been a dog lover since childhood and thanks to my mother, I have been blessed with the gene that loves animals, which I passed down to my three daughters. Dogs are family. I grew up with dogs and four wonderful canines have been incredibly special parts of my life, Koolie, Belle, Henry and Rosita. Koolie represents KO, Belle BE, Henry HEN and Rosita RO, so KOBE HENRO. We are a nonprofit organization in memory and honoring the good dogs that have been a part of my life since the mid-1980s.


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We are a small but powerful self -funded organization run by me and two dog assistants, Henry and Rosita. Soon we will implement official plans for expansion.

Our short time in the pet food bank business has ensured that our plans work well and are surprisingly quite simple to navigate. There is a surplus of pet food in the United States and our mission is to provide food for hungry cats and dogs in need. Instead of extra food being waste, people get it in the bowl they require. We never want a loving pet owner to have to give up their pet due to financial difficulties. To date, we estimate that we have filled more than 66,000 bowls with food and plan to triple that number by the end of 2022.

Our refreshing and satisfying journey has made us make new friends and meet some amazing animal lovers who have truly changed the world.

If you are interested in being part of our expansion as a donor, recipient or volunteer please contact via email: [email protected] or via Facebook messenger or Instagram @kobehenropetfoodbank.


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