Stuck at Home with Your Dog: Try These 7 Activities

Are you looking for a way to keep your favorite puppy and keep him bored when stuck in the earth this winter? I also! Under normal circumstances, traveling with my dog ​​is my favorite way to spend a weekend, especially when we can walk new streets, run back streets, and visit dog-friendly restaurant patios.

With travel delayed and long -distance employment that keeps us connected to the earth office, I have been looking for ways to keep my dog ​​happy and healthy without trying too far. Despite the winter weather and being stuck on earth, my dog ​​still needs training, interaction, and love, and you as well.

Hanging out with my dog ​​is one of the best ways to get out of the funk, and no matter how irritated I am when they constantly throw a toy at my feet when I work, the truth is I always appreciate its persistence.

Looking for some creative ways to spend time with your dog when you are stuck on earth? These are some of our favorite ways to adventure together, indoors and outdoors.


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Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

You probably already know this, but dogs really love learning new tricks, no matter how well trained they have been. The best way to teach your new puppy is to commit to conducting short 15 -minute sessions each day.

If your dog hasn’t learned the basics, like sitting, staying, going down, and coming, it’s a good place to start. After that, the sky is the limit. Teach your puppy to stand on a skateboard, crawl through tunnels, and jump through hoops. Not only that trick training Stimulating activities when you can’t take your dog for a long walk, but will turn into life-long learners.

When it comes to training tricks, use positive reinforcement techniques to help build your dog’s behavior. In the early stages of learning new skills, rewards for approach and effort. When your dog begins to understand what is expected, hold on to the reward until it does what you ask.

Give your dog a spa day

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Treat your puppy to be pampered when you are stuck in the earth. Start with a warm bath, dry towel, and good brushing, followed by a pedicure.

If you are new to cutting your dog’s nails, start slow. We teach our dogs to love cutting nails by doing one nail at a time, followed by a tasty treat. I know some dog owners who give their dogs a stuffed Kong with treats and peanut butter to chew on while they clip. This is too annoying for my dogs and makes them wiggly. Instead, I fill a little bowl with treats, sit on the floor and ask the dog lying next to me. My dogs recognized the bowl that cut the nails and as soon as they saw it they settled down and put their paws on my lap.

When you’ve finished trimming your dog’s nails, rub some soothing paw wax into the pad with their elbows. Follow it all up to a dog massage. Your puppy is never very good.

Go to Sniffari

A sniffari more than just a walking dog; They are the streets where your dog will follow your nose while you follow the end of the leash. It’s nice to do sniffaris in a new place, such as a local park or trail, but you can also do it directly in your game earth.

The idea here is to let your dog walk, be ready to get out of the course, spend a few minutes at a local pee tree, and visit places you never thought to check.

You obviously need to keep your dog away from anything dirty or dangerous, but if not, it’s pleasant to let your puppy. We use a 16-30 foot long lead for snifaris, so our dogs have a bit more freedom.

Have a Doggie Portrait

claim. You already like to take photos of your dog, so why not plan a doggie photo shoot? This is the perfect activity after a spa treatment when your dog is looking for the best. Dress your dog in a colorful bandana and catch the best side. Selfies also work!

We have black dogs now and they are notoriously difficult to take good photos. Outdoor lighting is better if you are trying to catch a dark colored dog. If you don’t have your personal photographer, set your phone or camera on a tripod and use the remote shutter to take photos.

Make Your Dog Some Healthy Treats

There are many ways to feed your pet when stuck on earth, and since it all seems to be storming right now, why not invest some creative energy to cook for your dog?

Our puppies like peanut butter. We can’t even open the jars without them running from anywhere on earth to see why we make them special. We’ve tried a few different recipes, but until now, my dog’s favorite recipe is for Granola Peanut Butter Crunchies.

Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog

Hide and seek is one of our favorite games to play with puppies when it rains, and we often do it while stuck in the earth as well. We got two variations that we play, and the dogs like them both.

First, I send the dogs to their beds and tell them to stay. I found a hiding place and then gave the harp. The dogs came running, and when they found me, they guided me with a dog kiss and I gave them a tasty treat. My favorite place to hide is behind the shower curtain. The downside to this version is that it’s pretty easy to run out of hiding spots, especially if you live in a small house as I do. Also, your dog should have a pretty good stay for this to work.

That is further easier because I lock the dog in a mud room so I can hide a ball or toy of my choice. Once I hid it, I let them out and asked them, “Where’s your toy?” Flynn would play this all day. Malinda, who is still young, just follows Flynn around and then gets really excited when he finds the game.

Playing hide and seek indoors or outdoors gives dogs physical and mental training, and is perfect for cold days too for outdoor training.

Training with Your Dog

A dog walk everyday is a must in our house, but since we’re stuck at home, we’ve taken two or three short walks just to get out. Some days we take leisurely walks in the woods. Other days, we run a trail or take a walk with a steep climb to pump the heart. The happiest moment is Flynn’s playing fetch, so we make sure to also do some of that. Training is way more fun with a dog or two by your side, and you know what they’re saying – a tired dog is a fun dog.

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