Tips and Etiquette for Holidays with Dogs

Tips and Etiquette for Holidays with Dogs

Earlier this week I wrote about planning a trip with your pet. This article will cover tips and etiquette for a holiday with your dog.

Get in the car


  • When you arrive, check the floor carefully for medication. Dangerous pills are often taken under the bed or behind nightstands.
  • If your dog will spend time in bed, use a blanket to protect against hair.
  • Don’t leave your pets in the room unattended. This is against most hotels ’pet policies.
  • Remember the people and dogs you meet in hallways and elevators. As hard as it is to believe, not everyone wants to say hello to our pet!
  • Pick up after your dog. People who don’t scoop poop are the main reason why many hotels started banning pets.



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  • Follow garden leash laws, as it is tempting to let your dog run outside.
  • Don’t leave a backpack on the side of the trail. Even biodegradable bags take a long time to decompose. It’s better to take the bag until you see the trash can or bury the feces (without the bag) from the trail.
  • Follow trail etiquette, such as handing over to the climbers who pass by and keeping your puppy close and under control.


  • Before you set off on your trip, make sure the microchip and identification tag are updated with your current mobile phone number as that will be your main point of contact.
  • Bring a photo of your dog so you can work if one of them is missing.
  • Look for the emergency hospital that is closest to the hotel you are going to stay in along the way. This way, you won’t rush to find a veterinarian if something happens.

Hope you and your puppy enjoy a summer full of exciting adventures!

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