Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina scored his 1,000th hit at Busch Stadium, joining Yogi Bera on an extraordinary roost in MLB history.

 Busch Stadium III has been one of the essential characters in the narrative of Yadier Molina's profession.

On Sunday, Molina delivered his 1,000th hit at Busch Stadium. Berra did Molina is the unequaled hits pioneer at Busch

Stadium III and he is just adding to his complete this season as he wraps up out his career.

At the point when he began his profession, the Cardinals were in their penultimate time of playing at Busch Stadium II.

That park was crushed at the finish of Molina's second year in the major associations.

From that point forward, he has made the ongoing emphasis of Busch Stadium his home, acquiring 10 All-Star gestures and winning two World Series.

Most likely Molina needs to snatch whatever number records and special MLB details as could be allowed before his retirement,

''however a definitive award would be winning a different universe Series on the exit plan''