The Golden State Warriors won't hesitate to burn through cash.  However, paying Draymond Green upwards of $140 million

through a maximum agreement expansion may not be the manner in which Warriors' metal will actually want to hand over their money.

 Green will be taking in the green next season, as much as $25.8 million and has a player choice of $27.6 million the accompanying season.

 The inquiry presently becomes; are the Warriors ready to pay what many accept to be the substance of a dynastic group.

As per the Athletic, with regards to the dominant Finals MVP in Stephen Curry, he "wouldn't be blissful on the off chance that

the Warriors lost Green on the grounds that the group would have rather not paid him.".

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Last season, the Warriors paid an association record, $346 million in extravagance charges and players punishments however by paying Green,

that number could be launch in to the $400 million territory �" excessively high for Warriors' proprietorship.

The Warriors likewise face the test of paying Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole soon, which goes with the choice on Green that a lot harder.

 Fortunately both Poole and Wiggins are under agreement until the 2023-24 season, making it workable for the Warriors center to seek after a title safeguard.

 Ideally, the Warriors' would have the option to pay and hold their whole center while basically re-tooling on the job players side of their program.