Avid supporters watched Suni Lee tumble, equilibrium, contort and flip her direction to an Olympic all-around triumph in Tokyo

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last year �" and as of late, those fans got to see one more noteworthy move from the aerobatic extraordinary.

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On Friday, Lee went totally overwhelmed with passion as she tossed out the formal first pitch

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when the Minnesota Twins and Toronto Blue Jays met at Minneapolis' Target Field.

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Lee played out an ideal flip directly past the hill as the ballpark music played, delivering the ball when she arrived in a good place again.

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Twins correspondences and promoting executive Dustin Morse tweeted a clasp of Lee 

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heating up on the ball, playing out a similar daily practice down a Target Field passage.

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Furthermore, maybe most importantly, back in 2019, seven-time Olympic medalist''

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Simone Biles pulled off a contorting reverse flip prior to throwing the ball in front of a World Series game.

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